Marja Hokkanen, asianajaja

21.12.2023 klo 08:12

Dear Clients, Students, Colleagues and Friends! Thank you for the year 2023, Have a relaxing Christmas time and Successful year of 2024 !

In the season of snow, with joy and delight, VAT brings its cheer, shining so bright. A tax on consumption, it’s here to stay, But during Christmas, it finds a special way.

In the stores, on the gifts, and the holiday feast, VAT quietly joins in, a gracious, humble beast. It funds public services, that’s its daily role, But at Christmas, it warms every heart and soul.

For it helps build the roads, and the hospitals too, Ensuring our communities have much they can do. At this time of giving, VAT plays its part, Supporting our nation with a caring heart.

So let’s remember, as we celebrate and sing, That VAT, in its way, adds to the joy of this thing. It helps us all thrive, in our own special way, As we come together on this Christmas Day.

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